“At Square, we’ve always done all of our video production in-house in San Francisco. As we’ve grown internationally, we’ve begun to find creative partners to help — but we’re very, very, picky about who we trust with our brand. More than once, we’ve selected a partner only to have to go back and redo the work ourselves.

We need partners who listen (actually, really listen), who can visualize, who don’t put art before business, who know their market, who can understand our customers. Partners who can meet us halfway on our vision, not nod in agreement with ours then try to Trojan Horse their own during production.

Which brings us Purple Monky. The first time we worked with them, we asked them to mimic some highly art-directed TV commercials we made in the US. We wanted to make a similar campaign for Australia. When we got their work back, the entire Square team in San Francisco genuinely thought we had made them—and sat there wondering why our cool-looking commercials suddenly had Australians in them. That’s how precise Purple Monky’s work was.

The second time, we gave them more creative leeway. When they delivered the work, we liked it so much we asked them to send us the footage so we could make a new campaign with it. In my six years at Square, I can’t recall ever asking a partner for something like that. That’s how good Purple Monky’s work was.

Purple Monky kicks ass. Quote me on that.”


– Sean Conroy, Creative Director, Square

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