These questions are designed to help our production team gain an in-depth understanding of your project’s needs and requirements.

Please specify the duration of each video deliverable in seconds and whether any of the videos are a cut down version of an extended video. E.G. 1 x extended 120 second brand film, 1 x 60 testimonial video and 1 x 30 second cut down trailer from the 120 second brand film.

What are the key messages you would like the audience to take away from your video/s? Is there a particular call to action or a series of next steps you would like your audience to follow?

What are the desired outcomes for this video project?

Who are the intended audience for this production?

A video tone/style can range from light-hearted and casual, to a more formal tone with messages that need serious consideration by the viewer.

Please indicate whether you will be providing a script for the video or whether you would like us to create a script for you based on your brief. We also have access to a range of professional voiceover artists for your project - if you require a voiceover artist, please indicate what gender/accent and style you would like.

Any videos which you feel are close to your brief which you would like us to be aware of in order to incorporate elements into your project can be listed here.

If you have certain filming dates in mind that need to be locked in for the project to proceed, please list them in this section. Otherwise, please indicate a general time-frame for potential shoot dates.

Please specify shoot location: Local (Melbourne) or other locations (including interstate and international)

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$10k - $15k$15k - $30k$30k - $60k$60k+

Please note, PurpleMonky projects begin at $10k AUD plus GST

(Maximum of 12mb, only PDF file is accepted)

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