Corporate Events

Invite the world to your events

Why limit the reach of your corporate events to just the attendees?

Why not invite the PurpleMonky event video production team to capture the event in the finest detail and publish the video online for the world to see?

We are experienced event videographers, producing highlights films and documentary-style videos for a range of high-profile corporate clients.

Live Performances

Share and promote your music events

Capture the energy and atmosphere of your event in a slick, punchy video – then share that with the world.

The PurpleMonky event filming team captures musicians, DJs and music festivals – then creates brilliant highlights movies.

Our Digital team can then help you publish your video online and promote it to the world.

Private Events

Memories that last

Our event video team is often commissioned to produce highlights films for private events ranging from launch parties to birthdays.

Our candid, documentary filming style allows for the day to be captured as realistically and naturally as possible.

If you are interested in having our team film your wedding, we also have an extensive portfolio of wedding videos available on our sister site Purple Ribbon Weddings.