Video Production

Our Melbourne video production team makes excellent HD films.

PurpleMonky Video is a group of talented young filmmakers with the technical and creative chops to make your video look spectacular.

Our video production services include filming (with a team of trained cameramen) and editing (with editors and special effects experts).

Film Production in Melbourne

Our production company shoots events, advertisements, training videos and music videos around Melbourne, with happy clients (both corporate and private) across the city.

Camera Crew

Hire a dream team of experienced videographers

PurpleMonky Video employs a full camera crew (cameramen, sound recorders, lighting and directors) using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our camera crew in Melbourne is a group of experienced professionals, working efficiently to shoot live events, advertisements, corporate training videos and music videos.

Video Production Company

PurpleMonky videos cover the full spectrum of video production services, from recording to film editing, special effects, DVD authoring and online publishing.

Video Editing

Create cinematic treats with dynamic, professional video editing services.

Our video editing team in Melbourne works tirelessly to make amazing movies.

We work closely with each client, changing and tweaking every video until we reach perfection.

Video Editing Services

Our video post-production expertise includes editing, colour correction, text-based titles, animation, special effects and publishing (DVD and online).